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Terms and Conditions


All Sales of Digital and Physical products are final. Please read what you are purchasing before you check out. No refunds will be issued unless it's an unforeseen circumstance that Bossin'Up LLC is experiencing.

All information during consultations are confidential. Data is used for business purposes only, within Bossin'Up LLC to be used as testimonials or examples for new clients. Any business ideas that have yet to be legally established or trademarked will not be shared with anyone else.

Joining under Arise through Bossin'Up LLC will grant you access for 2 weeks to join an opportunity on our platform. If you have not joined any of the opportunities listed in the portal you are subject to be removed without warning. You will have at least 1 attempt to join back and enter an opportunity within 7 days before you are finally removed permanently. Full time agents will have administrative and platform fees of 10% of their payments each invoice. Part time agents are required to have $39.75 flat fee for administrative and platform fees each invoice.

Joining any MLMs under Bossin'Up LLC will be solely the discretion of the client researching the particular company before joining. Bossin'Up LLC will not cancel or refund your payment of sign up, you will need to make cancellation through the membership by calling their headquarters and requesting them to do so.

Bossin'Up LLC will only email digital products once so please provide the correct email information when signing up for any infopackets.

Apps that require bank cards to be linked and email confirmation is only for the activation of the bonus or offer. Bossin'Up LLC will not have or grant access to any of your banking info at anytime.

Merchandise is non refundable but may be subjected to an exchange if the wrong size, color, quantity, or type is shipped out on our behalf. Any damaged items upon delivery will be refunded or exchanged only if it is reported within 48hrs of delivery. Proof of damaged merchandise should be provided via email with physical pictures for refund or exchange.

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