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Bossin Up Grant Submissions are no longer Unlimited due to the growing number of clients. Therefore, we have a grant page with free links to search for grants on your own. You can now select the 2 bundle grant to be submitted on your behalf. Grants are from various non profits and businesses that are helping the small business owners, minority businesses, start ups, and companies affected by covid. Our fee includes researching grants to make sure your business fits the criteria and terms and conditions for a higher chance of winning the award. Set up on 2 platforms to be sent grants to apply for. Grants are not guaranteed but are worth entering. Grants range from $500-$50k and up. Choose your bundle and lets get you an opportunity to start free venture capital.

Grant Submissions

$350.00 Regular Price
$280.00Sale Price
  • No Refund on grant submission services. Please give a 30-60 day time frame to have the first grant submitted as it takes time to research and find the right grants that you meet the criteria for. 

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