Tamika McClendon

I am a Mom and Entrepreneur and I love to help people reach their highest potential. I am a graduate from University of South Florida with a BA in Psychology and Public Health. I have been working from home for over 5 years as a virtual call center agent and helped many people establish home based businesses of their own to do the same. After years of consulting others on how to become a work from home agent, I decided to fully take my talents to becoming what I call a "Virtual Work From Home Coach." I get excited when someone asks me for advice on how to start a business? or what kind of businesses they could start? I have the compassion of a mother nurturing their newborn to be independent,  fearless, and knowledgable when teaching the art of how to aquire a home based business or side hustle.  I created my business solely off of YOU wanting to start a business in the most efficient and legitimate way.  Remember you dont have to be a Millionaire to become a Boss,  you become a Boss to learn how to be a Millionaire. 

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Bossin UP LLC LOGO.png