This service is for businesses, independent  contractors, sole proprietors and self employed people that have not taken the first draw of PPP funds ONLY. 

This does not mean you can't take out a 2nd loan, but the service offered by Bossin Up is to help those businesses that have not been funded.  This is totally separate from the SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan. You can have an EIDL loan or grant and still qualify for the PPP.
Processing time is within 24-48hrs 
Approval can take up to 30 days. 
(Everything depends on the paperwork you provide and if you do it in a timely manner.) Funds will deplete soon, please have all paperwork prepared and ready.

Payment Protection Loan is still a SBA loan and the loan is still processed as a loan, although it can be forgiven if a forgiveness application is done. Funds have to be spent with 60% towards Payroll and 40% towards Other business  expenses such as Rent and Utilities etc. (Please research the specific areas you can use your PPP funds.) You can NOT collect PUA (unemployment) and PPP at the same time. Here's what you will need to email to once payment is made.

* Name of Business or Independent contractor name that will be applying
*A Feb 2020 Bank statement 
*2019-2020 Full Tax Returns includes 1040 net profit loss forms.
*Government ID front and back
*If you have employees 940-941 forms and w2s (do not include 1099 contract employees)
*Invoice from February of a transaction from business. (If applicable)
*Voided Check from same bank as bank statement. 
*Bank account with same name that will be used on the application. 

The most you can get is up to $25k through the affiliateed processing lender used by Bossin Up.

*May use a draft 2020 tax return if you haven't filed yet. Calculate the months you earned income only. 

Please make sure line 31 is NOT in the negative before making a payment for my services to process the application. 
Guaranteed Approval if you follow ALL  Instructions.

Paycheck Protection Loan Application Assistance

$120.00 Regular Price
$84.00Sale Price

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